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Short Story Prize Bundle 1: Claire-Louise Bennett, Ruby Cowling, Sophie Mackintosh


Three Issues of The White Review featuring past Short Story Prize winners, for 10% off. This bundle includes The White Review No. 8, No. 11 and No. 17.


The White Review No. 8 features, among other things, interviews with artist Sophie Calle, novelist Deborah Levy and the author and filmmaker Chris Kraus, fiction by China Mieville and inaugural White Review Short Story Prize winner Claire-Louise Bennett, essays on écriture féminine by Lauren Elkin and American art collaborative Bruce High Quality Foundation by Legacy Russell, poetry by John Ashbery, Jack Underwood and Eugene Ostashevsky, and artwork by Claudia Weiser, Ben Berlow and Guy Gormley.

The White Review No. 11 features interviews with artist Philippe Parreno, novelist Pierre Guyotat and poet Alice Oswald alongside new fiction by Pola Oloixarac, Evan Lavender-Smith, and Ruby Cowling, winner of the The White Review Short Story Prize 2014. Essays are provided by McKenzie Wark, on the science of climate change, Alexander Christie-Miller on falconers of the Black Sea and Basia Lewandowska Cummings on a new style of cinema. The featured poets are Sophie Collins, Rob Halpern and Gëzim Hajdari (translated from Italian). Artwork is provided by photographers Sarah Jones and Victoria Jenkins, with a cover by Natasha Cox.

The White Review No. 17 features interview with writer George Saunders and film-maker and photographer Stan Douglas; fiction by Kyle Coma-Thompson, Joanna Kavenna, Clemens Meyer, and 2016 short story prize winner Sophie Mackintosh; the final instalment of Caleb Klaces’ three-part poem (which we have published in serial form over the past two years) and Galina Rymbu’s poems in translation; art from Batia Suter and Benoît Maire; Alexander Christie-Miller’s history of a submerged island on the Danube, and Patrick Langley’s report back from Oberhausen Film Festival. Cover art is by Anthony Lepore.


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