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The White Review No. 19


The White Review No. 19 features an our interview with ALVARO ENRIGUE, a Mexican writer in New York, ALICE HATTRICK's meditation on illness and intimacy, an excerpt from VIRGINIE DESPENTES' Vernon Subutex (trans. Frank Wynne), and new poems from SOPHIE ROBINSON. We are also excited to present interviews with philosopher ROSI BRAIDOTTI (conducted as part of our collaboration with the Centre for New and International Writing at the University of Liverpool), on how the humanities can combat racism and sexism, and artist RACHEL MACLEAN, whose hyper-surreal dystopian videos offer a dark vision on the present times (and who also contributes a concertina insert of her recent prints). The are long form essays by JACQUELINE FELDMAN, on feminist protest group Femen; and conceptual artist JILL MAGID on her stay at the house of the late Luis Barragán. THOMAS CLERC (translated by Daniel Levin Becker) contributes a beautiful homage to his friend Edouard Leve, whose writing has featured in previous issues of The White Review. The issue also includes new fiction by JASON SCHWARTZ, poetry from CA CONRAD. The cover is by JULIA DAULT.

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