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The White Review No. 20


THE WHITE REVIEW NO. 20 features:

Track by Nicole Flattery (Fiction)
Interview with Anne Carson
States of the Body Produced by Love by Nisha Ramayya (Poetry)
Nicolas Party (Art)
Notes on the History of a Detention Centre by Felix Bazalgette (Essay)
Interview with Mounira Al Sohl
Once the Sun Has Run its Course by Claire-Louise Bennett (Fiction)
Vandalism 1973-1975 by John Divola (Art)
The Wandering Bourgeois or, Taking a Line for a Walk by Tom McCarthy (Essay)
Interview with Jean-Luc Nancy
Some Things by Heather Phillipson (Poetry / Art)
From a Cuban Notebook by J. S. Tennant (Essay)
The Refugee by Kristen Gleason (Fiction)
Cover art by Uwe Henneken

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