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The White Review Writing in Translation Anthology (pre-order)


The White Review Writing in Translation Anthology collects some of the most innovative and exciting writers working today, placing already celebrated authors and translators alongside less established voices. Drawing in part from submissions to a global open call, the anthology is made up of 20 pieces:

‘Dessau’ by Haytham El-Wardany tr. Katharine Halls
‘Three Stories’ by Gheorghe Săsărman tr. Monica Cure
‘Butterflies’ by Geetanjali Shree tr. Daisy Rockwell
‘Peach’ by Sema Kaygusuz tr. Maureen Freely
‘Tether’ by Vicky García tr. Megan McDowell
‘The Endless Week’ by Laura Vazquez tr. Alex Niemi
‘The Autobiography Of The Other Lady Gaga: The Resurrection’ by Stefani J. Alvarez tr. Alton Melvar M Dapanas
‘Darkness Inside And Out’ by Leila Sucari tr. Maureen Shaughnessy
‘Going To Malang’ by Yusi Pareanom tr. Pamela Allen
‘Alegría’ by Margarita García Robayo tr. Fionn Petch & Carolina Orloff
‘The Drummer Boy’ by Can Xue tr. Karen Gernant & Chen Zeping
‘Djinns’ by Seynabou Sonko tr. Polly Mackintosh
‘Red (Hunger)’ by Senthuran Varatharajah tr. Vijay Khurana
‘Dematerialisation’ by Mutt-Lon tr. Rachael McGill
‘Baal’ by Enrico Remmert tr. Antonella Lettieri
‘Schattenfroh’ by Michael Lentz tr. Max Lawton
‘Flying In The Rain’ by Heuijung Hur tr. Paige Aniyah Morris
‘Little Animals’ by Antonio Díaz Oliva tr. Charlotte Coombe
‘Exils’ by Gilbert Ahnee tr. Ariel Saramandi
‘Marta Marta’ by Loranne Vella tr. Kat Storace